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Erzurum Tabyaları Cultural Route Proposal and Cultural Tourism Opportunities
Through the advantages they provide urban competition, anticipated by globalization, and tourism, cultural values are being rapidly consumed, devalued, destroyed, and even demolished. In the meantime, efforts towards actively preserving cultural heritage are ongoing. As of the end of the 20th century, the approach to use the analysis of the bilateral interaction of cultural and natural heritage and tourism and the new/renewed concepts has been embraced as a tool in diversifying tourism. Accordingly, the thematic development of the Culture Route, defined as a cultural heritage category, the creation of destinations along with values specific to the location, and the integrated structuring have been adopted. As a result of designing War Sites, where cultural interaction is densely experienced, as Culture Routes, thematic emphases that reconcile hostile communities are foregrounded. To this end, defining the Culture Route in accordance with the criteria accepted by the “ICOMOS Declaration pertaining to Cultural Routes” is the subject of this article. The city of Erzurum has been deemed appropriate for forming a route owing to its rooted past, cultural heritage sites and natural values, with a focus on its war architecture (bastion), and has, therefore, been designated as the study area. Thus, the sustainable preservation and progress opportunities for this cultural route have been identified and awareness towards its representation in the World Heritage List has been initiated and presented for public opinion.

Cultural Heritage, Cultural Route, Cultural Route Registration Criteria

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