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The Agenda-Setting Effect of the Femicides and Mediaatic Consciousness Generation in Turkey
The agenda in public opinion is determined according to the media coverage of the subjects highlighted by the media or matters of importance to the public. The agenda-setting model, which is considered as a theory in communication studies, affects people's thoughts and behaviors with the subjects the news media focus on. In an environment where the capitalist production relationship is maintained, the means of communication turn into tools that ensure mass consumption around the modern life story. Focusing on quantity rather than quality in accordance with the logic of production, in which the role of the media's fourth force and public watchman remains in the background, prepares the ground for the individual and social mind, thoughts, ideas, memory to create a media consciousness among industrial wheels. In this direction, almost every content produced in the media causes the providing social benefit or awareness to remain in the background since it has the purpose of consumption. Within the scope of this study, is emphasized, which was carried out to determine the place of femicide in the social memory through the media, the agenda setting effect of femicides, which are frequently featured in the media Due to the limitations of the research, only the murder news of three women who are frequently featured in the media were discussed, and the news times of the murder news of the femicides mentioned in the main news bulletins of the television channels determined due to the limitations of the study were subjected to content analysis. The data obtained by the interview technique regarding these murder news were evaluated together with the findings of content analysis, and it was concluded that mediatic consciousness had important effects on social memory.

Agenda setting, media, mediatic consciousnes, consciousnes industry, femicides.

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