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Zafar Hasan Aybak: A Sacrificed Life for Turks
Abstract When the Balkan War and the First World War took place in a period when the cali-phate was in the Ottoman State, Indian Muslims were affected by this situation and they want-ed to help Turks. Especially after the First World War, the feelings of love and help towards the Turks have increased and the British opposition has become more and more severe. The Muslim Indians who were waiting for sparks, set fire on the call of the Jihad of the Ottoman Caliph and took action for materially and moral aid to the Ottoman State. Many young people have hit the road for jihad. One of them, Zafar Hasan Aybek and a group of young people next to him, took action to join the war. In February 1915, they moved from Lahore to Kabul. Zafar Hasan Aybek, who could not go beyond Kabul, stayed here for 8 years, then went to Moscow and then came to Istanbul in 1924 after staying here for two years. He became a Turkish citizen and studied at the Military School. He served as a teacher in Afghanistan Military School in 1933 as a Turkish officer. Zafar Hasan Aybek, who also served in various foreign missions, sacrificed his life for the Turks.

Zafer Hasan Aybek, Turk, Indian Muslims, Afghanistan, Caliphate.

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