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The Functions of Folk Stories
As with all elements of culture, products of the oral tradition are not products that have been put forward without purpose. Just as any item has been used for various purposes in the historical process, the yields of the oral tradition have been used in various functions depending on the reasons for their production and continue to be used. The realization of the power of narrative coincides with the beginning of human use of the word as a means of communication. In the ongoing process, the effort to record the word or transfer the information in a concrete way has been instrumental in the invention of writing. However, many stages were passed until the invention of writing. Behind these efforts is the desire to record the word and transfer it to generations. The reason why the production in the oral tradition is desired to be transferred to the next generations is that all the cultural accumulation of daily and ceremonial life is included in the oral narrative system. Here, the expression “verbal” does not only cover the verbal. Over time, the expression in question has turned into a term pointing to different forms of cultural transmission. For example, the most important element supporting the narration in teaching how to cook a dish is observation. In fact, sometimes just observing can be enough to learn how to cook a dish.

Folk Story, Function, Oral Tradition, Traditional Narrative

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