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An Aristocrat Turkmen Emir in Timurid Dynasty: Sultan Celaleddin Firuzshah
Firuzshah was one of the emirs who had great authority in the state administration of Shahrukh, who brought an end to the power struggles for the throne after Timur's death. Firuzshah, who held many positions during Timur's reign, such as amiri diwan, amir al-umara and amiri tümen during the reign of Shahrukh. Due to the full authority assumed by him in the Shahrukh era, his decisions became unquestionable. As a supreme leader, Firuzshah, who appointed his friends and relatives to important positions in government, faced the corruption undertaken by them in the last years of his life. These events caused him to get sick and die. He carried building and construction operations in many Timurid provinces, especially in Herat, in the Shahrukh period. During the Shahrukh era, he made significant contributions to the state to reach the level of the Timurid era in the fields of political, administrative, financial, and military. The death of such an experienced emir in state administration negatively affected both the Shahrukh reign and the Timurid State. This study aims to deal with the contributions of Firuzshah and his family, who are of Turkmen origin, to the construction activities as well as the political, military, financial, and administrative activities in the Timurid and especially Shahrukh periods, and the traces they left in the Timurid history.

Timurids, Timur, Shahrukh, Firuzshah, state administration, financial corruption.

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