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The Principal of Dâru'l-Mu'allimîn-ı Sıbyân Mehmed Cevdet, and His Booklet of Feyz'ül Amım Fî Esrarı't-Ta'lîm
A teacher training school was opened under the name of Dârülmuallimîn-i Sıbyan (1868) to train the teachers to be employed in the first schools opened under the influence of usul-i cedit movement in the Ottoman Empire. The first principal of this school, which had an important place in the history of education, was Mehmed Cevdet, who had beenserving as the assistant in the Ministry of Education for many years, and who had been a member and teacher of the Cemiyet-i Tedrisiye-i Islamiyah. It is known that Mehmed Cevdet prepared a booklet to teach literacy in Ottoman Turkish, which was one of the important educational problems of thosetimes, and even taught the teaching method of the elifba for teacher candidates who studied at Dârülmuallimîn-i Sıbyan. Based on various presumptions in some sources that shed light on the period on the history of education, it was stated that Elifba (1856) or Elifba Booklet (1867) may have been prepared by Mehmed Cevdet. As a result of the study, it was detected that prepared the elifba named Feyz’ül amim fî esrari’t-ta?lîm (5th Edition, 1874). The purpose of the study was to provide data on the elifbas and teaching method, which caused Mehmed Cevdet to be referred to as “Elifbeci Cevdet Efendi” in previous studies. In this elifba, it was firstly aimed to teach Ottoman Turkish literacy to students who attended primary school, and then the signs and reading rules necessary to be able to read the Qur’an were taught. In this elifba, which includes warnings on how the subjects should be taught, students were informed on good and bad habits in the reading texts. In the present study, which was conducted by using the historical research method, primary and secondary sources, especially archival documents, were used.

Ottoman Turkısh Teaching, Elifba Teaching, Mehmed Cevdet, Dârülmuallimîn-i Sıbyan

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