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Armenians and Jews in Ayntab's Economic Life (Late XVIII. Century)
The aim of this study is to give information about the social and economic conditions of Armenians, Jews, monks, and non-Muslims living in Ayıntab, based on the Jizya Accounting Book No. D.CMH. d.26989 dated H.1209. According to this; The probable number of non-Muslim households in Ayıntab is 1,003 and the number of taxpayers in these households is 2,475. A total of 9,871.25 kurus was collected from these people, excluding those who were exempt from the jizya due to various reasons. In addition, non-Muslims lived in 19 neighborhoods and four villages of the city. Unlike these, a neighborhood in the city is named Hayik Zimmîyan, and 14 monks, a priest, and a rabbi served in the city. The fact that 70 different professions are carried out by non-Muslims shows that non-Muslims have an important position in the economic life of Ayıntab. Also, non-Muslims were recorded in the register by indicating their kinship ties, and it was determined that Islamic names such as Allahverdi, Derviş, Musa, Abdurrahman were put between Armenians and Jews.

Ottoman, Ayıntab, Jizya Accounting Book, Armenian, Jewish

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