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Armenians in Çukurova until the Siege of Antakya
Çukurova (Cilicia) region, which is fertile soil and a lively trade area on the eastern Mediterranean coast of Anatolia, has been the scene of the struggle for dominance of many nations since history. The Armenians, who were important elements in these struggles, took advantage of all the opportunities to dominate here after they settled in Çukurova. One of the most important strategies of the Armenians, who formed small principalities after settling in Çukurova, to strengthen their presence in the region was to cooperate with the Crusaders who came to Anatolia. To maintain their existence in Çukurova, the Armenians directed them to Çukurova when the Crusaders came to the region and provided them with supplies, soldiers, and many other aids. When the Crusaders came to the region, they needed the help of the Armenians in terms of soldiers, supplies, geographically and demographically. For this reason, Armenians and Crusaders formed a friendship in line with mutual benefit. Thanks to the friendship they established, the Crusaders captured many cities and castles in Anatolia and Çukurova. One of the most important places captured by the help and support of the Armenians was Antakya. In this context, it has been aimed to examine the settlement of Armenians in the region, the formation of principality and kingdom in the region, their alliance with the Crusaders in this process and their activities in the region until the siege of Antakya in our research.

Çukurova (Cilicia), Turks, Armenians, Crusaders, Antakya

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