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One of the Delhi Turkish Sultanate, which contributed to the spread of Muslim Turkish culture in the Indian geography, is the Tughluqshahs Dynasty. After the Khaljis withdrew from the stage of history, the Tughluqshahs established their state on the lands they dominated. Gıyâseddin Tughluq Shah was on the one hand trying to dominate the Indian rajahships and on the other hand was busy with the construction of the new city called Tughluqabad. After the Sultan made this city on a inprove, he moved the center of the dynasty here and ruled the state from here during his reign. After Gıyâseddin Tughluq Shah, his son, Muhammed bin Tughluq Shah became the head of the dynasty. In his time, the capital of the dynasty was first moved to Davlatabad and then to Sargadvari, located on the banks of the Ganges River, as a result of droughts. Firuz Shah, who took the throne after Mohammed bin Tughluq, built a new city called Firozabad and ruled the state from there. After Firuz Shah, his son Nasıreddin Muhammad Shah had a city built in Câliser called Muhammedâbâd and ruled the state from there for a while. In this study, it was tried to give detailed information about the cities of Delhi, Tughluqabad, Davlatabad, Sargadvari, Firozabad and Muhammadabad, which were the capital of the State of Tughluqshahs

State of Tughluqshahs, Delhi, Tughluqabad, Davlatabad, Firozabad

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