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Bayramiç in the 19th Century and Early 20th Century
In this study, it is aimed to draw a general framework about the district by considering the administrative, population and especially educational structure of Bayramiç in the 19th century and early 20 th century. The historical method was used in the research and document analysis was chosen as the data collection technique. Bayramiç, which is a district of Çanakkale province today, ruled by Ottoman Empire after 1357. The district, which was in the status of a township of Biga, Ezine district that was made independent since 1888-1889, was transferred from township to the district on February 3, 1902 by taking the imperial decree of the padishah. The male population of Bayramiç was 3327 in 1831. This population number increased to 6636 in 1876. Educational institutions were also important in Bayramiç. In the historical process, it was determined that there were three madrasahs named Ahi Hızır, Cami-i Cedid and Cami-i Kebir/ Cami-i Atik, various primary and secondary schools, a high school, a Greek school and a main school (?).

Bayramiç, Administrative Structure, Population Structure, Educational Status, Ottoman

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