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An Evaluation on the Finance Options of the Manufacturer Today and in the Ahilik Organization
The Ahi Organization appears as a social organization whose continuity we feel for years and whose reflections we still feel today. Agency; adopted the nature of morality, work, cooperation and solidarity; As a religious, economic and social organization, it has had an important place in the Ottoman Empire in a long time. The purpose of the establishment of the Ahi organization; Although it is to bring consumer protection to the forefront, it actually shows the importance of an understanding that adopts production, realizes the necessity of tradesmen with its moral aspect, and aims to provide the right service to the customer. With this understanding, the service of today's businesses within the framework of ethical rules is subject to certain rules and penal sanctions. In this respect, the Ahi system has a business ethics structure that can be applied in today's business life. Same time; It is one of the important elements of the ahi-order system that the producer can present the goods produced by taking into account moral, economic and social values. In this study; Considering the size of the values possessed by the Ahi organization, which left its mark on Turkish history, it is emphasized that the financial support of the producer against the financial crises that he has experienced in some periods and the applicability of this process in today's organizations. In this framework, it is aimed to evaluate the obligation of protecting the producer and finding financial resources in the Ahi system. It is seen that the Ahi System supports the producer's obligation to provide funds at the point of exit from financial crises through mutual aid funds called "Middle Fund". Funds accumulated as loans in the chest and cash money set aside for aid were followed in separate accounts. The cash accumulated in the middle chests was given to the tradesmen who needed money or who wanted to develop their art and trade with 1% interest. Today, it can be said that this process is carried out through capital and money market institutions.

Financing, Ahilik, Production, Borrowing, Fund.

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