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Quarter Century in the Yıldız Palace Library: The Chief Librarian Süleyman Hasbî Effendi (1827-1909)
Süleyman Hasbî Effendi, who was born in the district of Pravishta in Thessaloniki Province, studied Arabian sciences in madrasahs and received his diploma. He graduated from the former Mekteb-i Mülkiye (Faculty of Political Sciences) in 1864. Hasbî Effendi, who could speak and write Turkish, Arabic and Persian, worked in various positions such as district governor, mufti and teacher. The Mecelle commentary published in 1881 enabled the opening of a new page in his professional career. He attracted the attention of Yıldız Palace with his work and was assigned to the palace library on December 22, 1881. In addition to his duties in the palace, he translated the works of Abdülkadir Geylanî and Abdülgani Nablusî. In 1891, at the request of Abdülhamid II, he made the first full translation of Imam Gazzalî's work named Tehâfütü'l-Felâsife in Turkish. In the same year, he was appointed as chief librarian. Hasbî Effendi, who researched and presented historical issues that Abdulhamid II was interested in, was described by the Sultan as a “walking encyclopedia”. He has an important place in the history of Turkish librarianship and culture with the work he undertook in the palace library and the works he published. The biography of Süleyman Hasbi Efendi, which presents a remarkable bibliographer portrait, also gives an idea about the mystical tendency and the interest of Abdulhamid II in the history of philosophy.

Süleyman Hasbî, Abdülhamid II, Yıldız Palace Library

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