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The Sanjak of Bolu during the Governorship of Ismail Kemal Bey from Avlonia (May 16, 1884- March 13, 1890)
Ismail Kemal Bey was a significant personality who carried out some attention-grabbing political activities in the last period of the Ottoman Empire. He is known as the founder and the first prime minister of Albania. In addition to his political background, he carried out different bureaucratic duties in different departments of the government. He was the lieutenant governor of Bolu between May 16, 1884, and March 13, 1890, which was the longest duty he was responsible for. Ismail Kemal Bey led the way through his successful activities in health, education, and public works. Foreign authorities and travelers who visited Bolu during the time of Ismail Kemal Bey mentioned that they saw the traces of his understanding and viewpoint in the city. One of the most important problems that caused Ismail Kemal Bey trouble at the beginning of his duty was the activities of bandits. He was successful in his fight with bandits thanks to the precautions he took and he could ensure the security in his sanjak, Bolu. The activities of Ismail Kemal Bey in the sanjak were appreciated by the centralized management and he was promoted by the authorities. However, there were numerous complaints and investigations, continued until the end of his duty, about his administration, especially about his arbitrary practices. The purpose of this research study, different from the political studies about him, is to analyze the activities of Ismail Kemal Bey as a senior local administrator.

İsmail Kemal Bey from Avlonia, Bolu Sanjak, Lieutenant Governor, Activities, Investigations.

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