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A Syntaxtical Study of Novel Names in Turkish Literature (From 1872 until 1955)
Man needs to give a name to all living-non-living, concrete-abstract beings in nature. Names are the coded form of entities and are classified into as a commun noun or a propernoun depending on whether they are unique in the world. Some of the commun nouns at the beginning can be stripped of their meanings and become names for a entity for various reasons. When this situation is adopted by the society, commun noun turns into a propernoun. Onomastic, which is one of the sub-branches of linguistics; propernouns, etymology, historical development, language-culture relationship, etc. examines in the angles. Propernouns; it can be a word, wordgroup, one / more sentence. This status, also applies to book's names. In literary works rather than scientific books, the name of the work draws attention as much as the author and the subject. Since it is one of the most preferred literary works, the subject of name in novels whose new ones are published every day; it is more important in order to it to stand out from its competitors, to hold on to the market, to be long-lasting. At this point, the names which is limited to a few words or sentences in order to arouse a sense of curiosity in the reader; the subject of the novel, the literary current under its influence gives information about the language as well as the literary ability of its author. In this study, from Tanzimat until 1955 novel names published in Turkey; in order to determine the effects of these periods on the language in general and on the syntax in particular, it has been examined syntactically.

Propernoun, onomastic, noverl name, syntax.

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