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Folklore and Folk Culture Elements in Mahmut Makal’s Masterpiece Named Bizim Köy
War is a major disaster that leads to the destruction of the societies from all aspects. And the Turkish War of Independence caused the Turkish Republic which was on the foundation phase to start from the very beginning. Most of the scholars who were educated thanks to the reforms implemented in the downfall period of the Ottoman Empire, had died in the Independence War. For the development of the newborn country one of the main factor to be improved was education together with economy. In order to succeed this development it was necessary to educate the people whose 80 percent lived in rural areas, and this education should have directed people to production in all aspects. But in spite of all the laws and regulations implemented, desired level of success could not have been reached. One of the reason of this failure was to try to understand and expalin the rural life from the viewpoint of city life. At this downturn Makal, indited his masterpiece “Bizim Köy” which shows the facts that it was needed to see the city life from the viewpoint of rural life and describes the village reality as it was. The factors that lead “Bizim Köy’’ to attract attention to the highest levels of the State, were Makal’s growth in the village and to observe the peasent and the village reality well while teaching in villages. In this study, Mahmut Makal’s usage of folklore and folk culture elements in his masterpiece named “Bizim Köy” have been observed. These elements are classified as main and subtitles and include samples with page numbers. Makal has been seen as the victim who lived exactly from birth what he told as much as the narrator in “Bizim Köy”. Makal’s Bizim Köy is an important masterpiece which transfers the village truth without fret and also represents a trend which will be called ‘’village literature ‘’ afteryears. As a result of this study, thanks to the fact that Makal was a village boy and he reflected his observations with all their reality, in “Bizim Köy” someone can see quite a lot elements of that period such as language,clothing,beliefs,games and entertainment.

Mahmut Makal, Bizim Köy, Folklore Elements, Village Literature

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