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Traces of A Multi-Component Culture Spreading From North Mesopotamia to Central Asia: The Halafian Culture
Halafian Culture extends from North Mesopotamia and Syria to Elazig-Malatya Plains in the north, up to Southeast Mediterranean, Central Anatolia and Van Basin without interruption. Studies conducted in recent years have provided some clues that this culture indirectly influenced far more distant lands than known. Beginning from the early 1900s to the present day, many suggestions have been put forward about the spread, origin and chronology of Halafian Culture. Archaeological studies that have been carried out in the lower zone of the Zagros Mountains, in the inner regions of Anatolia and in the Muş-Van geography confirm the existence of a multicomponent culture. For sure, scientific studies on the natural route lanes and the planes in East Anatolia, North Iran and Central Asia that have not been explored yet will help to overcome deficiencies. As it can be seen, Halaf Culture has spread like a fashion both with its ceramic and with its architecture and small finds in a very wide geography. This culture was influenced by its predecessor Hassuna-Samarra culture while it influenced its immediate successor, the Obeyd Culture. This study we put down on paper supports scientifically that the Halafian Culture in question might have affected far more distant lands than known. Considering how far this influence has penetrated, it has been surprising to find some clues that it reached up to the borders of Turkmenistan (Anau). In this article, we will try to present the traces of Halafian Culture in the most distant geographies, by being true to the literature supported cause and effect principles and comparative assessments.

Halafian, Anau, North Mesopotamia, North Iran, Central Asia.

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