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Sultan Alp Arslan's Efforts to Secure Central Authority: 1. Huttalan Expedition
In this study, the first military expedition of Sultan Alp Arslan (1063-1072) during his reign, namely the Huttalan expedition, was discussed. Huttalan is a historical place located in the southeast of the Fararood region, roughly between the Ceyhun and Seyhun rivers, within the borders of present-day Tajikistan. Turks also settled in Huttalan, which was home to various tribes from the beginning of the 2nd millennium BC. According to the records, until the 8th century BC, this place was dominated by many Turkish communities such as Scythians, Yü-chih, Kushans, Hephthalites, Gokturks and Turgeshs. Thus, Arab geographers have shown this place to be a very old Turkish region. Huttalan, which came under the rule of the Umayyads in the last quarter of the 8th century, later became a province ruled by the Abbasids, Samanids and Ghaznavals, and immediately after the Seljuks' victory over the Ghaznavids in Danadanakan (1040), it passed into the hands of the Seljuks. Huttalan, which was among the regions ruled by Alp Arslan during the Meliks period, was in the status of a vassal and was administered by an emir. However, this emir rebelled against the Seljuks when Alp Arslan ascended the throne, knowing the confusion. Then, Sultan Alp Arslan organized a military expedition to the region that started between September 12 and November 15 (1063) and ended in mid-December of 1063. As a result of the expedition, the Emir of Huttalan was killed and this place was directly connected to the center of the Seljuk State.

Seljuks, Alp Arslan, Ghaznavids, Huttalan, Tajikistan.

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