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Analysis of Three Anatolian Legends in The Context of National Culture Theme Teaching
In this study, it is aimed to analyze the work named Three Anatolian Legends in terms of the theme of our national culture in the Turkish Curriculum. In the research, the document analysis method, which is one of the qualitative research methods, was used and the data obtained were analyzed through descriptive analysis. The work studied in the research is Yaşar Kemal's work titled Three Legends of Anatolia. The book consists of three chapters, “The Emergence of Köroğlu, Karacaoğlan, Alageyik”. Yaşar Kemal is a writer who is fed by the minstrel style folk storytelling tradition. The legends and epics of Anatolia's oral tradition have been closely related to him and formed one of the main sources of his storytelling. Three Anatolian Legends are produced from this source in terms of both content and language and style. In the works, tradition-based national cultural elements were found. The theme of “our national culture” is one of the three themes that must be taught at each grade level. The work titled “Three Anatolian Legends” has been examined in line with the theme of “our national culture” and suggestions on the subject. As a result of the examination, it has been determined that the text of the work with folk narratives can be used as an effective teaching material in the processing of the theme of our “national culture” at the secondary school level, and it has a very rich content in terms of topic suggestions given in the curriculum.

Themes, Our National Culture, values, legend, Three Anatolian Legends.

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