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The Investigation of The Difficulty Levels in Information Literacy Skills of Teacher Candidates: Atatürk University Example
In this study, it was aimed to determine the difficulty levels of pre-service teachers in terms of information literacy skills. For this purpose, questions were asked about how the level of learning in terms of the levels of learning, access, evaluation, use and ethical / legal issues. Descriptive survey model was used in this study. In this context, the related literature has been reviewed and explanations have been made about the information, literacy and types, information literacy and standards evaluated within the scope of the research. As a data collection tool, “The Information Literacy Scale” research group was applied to prospective teachers studying at Kâzım Karabekir Faculty of Education at Atatürk University. When the information literacy skills were evaluated as a whole, it was seen that the level of difficulty of the prospective teachers was at an average level. This result showed that the information literacy skills of the prospective teachers are not high. In this context, it is thought that teacher trainings should be organized at a higher level in order to improve information literacy skills.

Teacher candidate (s), information literacy skills, proficiency levels

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