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An Unknown Copy of Nazm-i Tabâyi and The Issue of its Ownership to Şeyhî of Germiyân
Nazm-ı Tabâyi is a poetic medical work in which Yûsuf Sinâneddîn Şeyhî of Germiyân, who is accepted as the founding poets of Classical Turkish Literature, touches on the diseases of the period and the food, drink and clothing to be used in their treatment and that mainly gives information about preventive medicine. In this work, explanations are made on air, food and drinks with reference to the four elements that make up the universe and the four hılts [mixture] in the human being, and how one should keep healthy with them and what food/air/drink is good/bad for what are mentioned. The ownership of this work, which was first introduced to the world of science by Hasan Ali Yücel and published by comparing three different copies, to Şeyhî of Germiyân was considered problematical by Faruk Kadrî Timurtaş, and it was claimed that the work could not belong to Şeyhî of Germiyân in terms of style and content. In this study, which is based on another copy of this work, which has always been approached with suspicion in all scientific studies after Timurtaş, the issue of the ownership of Nazm-ı Tabâyi to Şeyhî of Germiyân, will be discussed based on biographical clues in the work as well as historical and literary sources. In this study, which will also touch upon some of the issues about the biography of Şeyhî that have been overlooked, the differences between the copy of Nazm-ı Tabâyi in Atatürk University Seyfettin Özege Department Âgâh Sırrı Levend Collection Number 479 and other copies will be shown.

Nazm-ı Tabâyi, Şeyhî of Germiyan, Issue of Ownership, Copy Differences

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