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On The View of Three Traditional Sports in Different Genres: A Comparative Review of The Naadam Festival with Bamsi Beyrek and Banu Çiçek Challenge
Folklore products are structures that take an important place in human life as a result of culture. It is also common for products to be spread through varianization and to be transitioned or transformed between themselves. At this point, it is clear that as there is a transition between oral-written, written-electronic, oral-electronic cultures, many areas of life such as celebration, remembrance, entertainment, sports, traditions, beliefs and practices are affected by the transition and have undergone transformation. In this article, the story Kam Püre Oğlu Bamsı Beyrek, one of the narratives of Dede Korkut and is still celebrated in the Mongols and the views, dates, rituals, practices, functions and ties of the three sports events at the Naadam festival, which dates back many years, will be discussed. At this point, two different traditional structures will be examined through texts and then a functional comparison will be made after the historical-cultural infrastructure is given. The aim of the study is to show the similarity in the appearance and use of products, even though the images are different, and to examine the structure of culture's spread. At the same time, the status of these three sports will be stated in the article around today's admissions.

Dede Korkut, Naadam, Festival, Oral-Written Tradition, Sports

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