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Re-Establishment of The Diplomatic Relations Between Turkey and Japan and The Political and Economic Relations (1951-1960)
Japan supported England’s views in the Lausanne Peace Conference that was signed after the victorious conclusion of the Turkish National Struggle. However, after the signing of the Treaty of Lausanne, relations began to develop between the two countries. During the rule of Atatürk, the relations developed mostly in the political field. Japan went to World War II along with the Axis powers, which included Germany and Italy. However, it surrendered on 14 August 1945 after the USA dropped atomic bombs to Hiroshima and Nagasaki. Turkey, on the other hand, declared war against Germany and Japan on 23 February 1945 in order to be able to join the San Francisco Conference. But it did not actually join the war. Turkey was one of the first nations to participate in the San Francisco Conference, which was held after World War II. Following the conclusion of the Treaty on 8 September 1951, the process of re-establishing diplomatic relations between the two countries began. After the approval of the treaty in the Grand National Assembly of Turkey, the Four Star General İzzet Aksalur was sent to Tokyo as an ambassador. During the period, the bilateral relations between Turkey and Japan began to improve especially after the visit that Prime Minister Adnan Menderes made to Tokyo. Committees consisting of many Japanese businessman and official representatives came to Turkey for improving the political and commercial relations between the two countries. Turkey exported various raw materials to Japan and imported industrial products in return.

Turkey, Japan, Diplomacy, Economy

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