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The Source of Bayburtlu Zihnî’s Hikâye-i Garîbe
Bayburtlu Zihni is a poet and writer known for his Divan, Serguzestname and Hikâye-i Garibe. There have been few studies about him until today. Important works belong to Ziyaeddin Fahri Fındıkoğlu and Saim Sakaoğlu. Hikâye-i Garibe shows the calligraphy aspect of Zihni. In this article, in addition to a previously identified copy of the work, two new copies, one in the Turkish Manuscripts of the Istanbul University Library and one in the Egyptian National Library, were identified. The copy in the Turkish Manuscripts section of Istanbul University Library has been introduced in detail; the one in Egypt, despite efforts, could not be reached. Although it is stated in the available writings of Hikâye-i Garibe that Bayburtlu Zihni wrote the event by listening to Abdullah Bey, no research has been conducted on the historical records of the story to date. However, the value of the story told by Abdullah Bey in terms of oral history, the way it is reflected in Hikâye-i Garibe and whether events take place in historical documents are important. In this article, the source of Hikâye-i Garibe is discussed in terms of oral history theory. The narrative, which is frequently mentioned in history and oral history studies, belongs to Abdullah Bey in the story. Bayburtlu Zihni has created a copyrighted work by adding poems to his narratives. The reliability of evidence in oral history is one of the controversial issues. The events in the story begin with the execution of Sadullah Bey of the Bayburt Voivodeship. When the dates used, the governors of the period, the other people and the information about the events were taken into consideration, a research was made by considering that all or some of these people should be coincidental in the sources about the Ottoman history if the story was taken from a real event. Nine documents belonging to Sadullah Bey, one of them to Sadullah Bey's wife and their son Abdullah Bey, were found in the study. In this article, the overlapping points of these documents with Hikâye-i Garibe were revealed, it was stated that Hikâye-i Garibe was the result of a real event, it was determined that the evidence of oral history could be reliable and contributed to know and understand the past. Key words: story, Bayburtlu Zihni, oral history, manuscript.

story, Bayburtlu Zihni, oral history, manuscript.

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