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Wisdom of Tradition in The Aglar Baba
Aglar Baba whose original name was İrsadi, had lived between 1879 and 1958. As a folk poet he had written poems in sophism literature. He was born in Orucbeyli (Siptoros) village of Bayburt, had got a traditional education and then had started to tell poems as a consequence of the effect of a dream (drinking full). Our minstrel style poem which was built by using national matter and the folk language, in the frame of preislamic Turkish poem tradition, was conveyed to a philosophic field by the thought of sophism in the post islamization period. As a poet, he was originally coming from a poet and a sophism family. His grandfather was Gerat İrsadi Baba, a notorious sophism poet of his suburb, had affected Aglar Baba though his written works. As a poet, he had written poems mostly on religion, sophism and moral subject. He had got four written works called as Divan, Kısas-ı Enbiya (Zeyl), İnnaenzelna Tefsiri and Şamun Gazi Mesnevisi and Tasavvuf Mesnevisi. Aglar Baba who had told didactic poems in national matter, with a simple Turkish, is a continuity of this steel at our era; with his steel that resembles Hoca Ahmet Yesevi’s divine wisdom’s and Yunus Emre’s heavenly.

Ağlar Baba, wisdom, tradition, poem.

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