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Apples Symbol In Modern Poetry
A literary symbol is a traditional or special association of an object, image, or image that a word or group of words envisions. Associations are enriched with various layers of meaning according to the strength of the symbol. The apple, which has established itself since ancient texts, has a wide range of associations. It is a symbol used in world and Turkish mythology, divine texts, folk beliefs and practices and almost all kinds of literary works. In addition to being a common symbol, it is seen that not only the whole symbol is a symbol. As tree, flower, shape, color, taste, shape, each feature is a rich symbol that creates separate associations. Since the topic has spread to a very wide area, poems have been selected by free sampling method in this article. The methods of scanning, compiling, text analysis and comparison are used as methods. In the new Turkish poetry, the purpose of trying to draw the boundaries of the associative area of the apple by establishing what meaning is loaded on the apple symbol is forming.

Symbol, apple, poetry, literature.

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