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Nader Shah’s Afghanistan Expedition and his Order Founded There
Nadir Shah, appeared in the first half of the 18th century on the stage of history in today-Iran, left a deep impression on the history of Iran, Ottoman Turkey, Caucasus, Turkestan and India. One of the places where he left his mark is today-Afghanistan territory. Nader Shah sent ambassador to Muhammad Shah to reclaim the Afghan looters who had fled to India. However, Muhammad Shah did not respond positively. Thereupon Nader Shah marched on the territory of Afghanistan with a large army before going out to the expedition to India. On 3 February 1737, Nader Shah left a military unit in Sistan and proceeded to Kandahar through the road of Delhek and Dilaram. When the Afghans in the garrison resisted Nader Shah’s army when he arrived at the Gereshk Fort, Afsharid artillery opened fire on the high walls of the fort and besieged the city of Kandahar. After the siege lasting eleven months, Kandahar was conquered on 10 April 1737. After conquering Kandahar, his son Reza Quli Khan was sent to conquer the Afghanistan’s northern lands. After conquering Kandahar, Nader Shah took control of Ghazna, Kabul, Jalalabad, and Peshawar on 4 December 1738. Through this conquest, the endless clashes between the Uzbeks and the Baburids in today-Afghanistan ended, the disputes between the tribes were resolved, so that the people gained peace and tranquillity, and the plundering and looting were eliminated. In addition, Nadir Shah, as well as the zoning and settlement activities in the country, has made an effort to become this place as a science centre. This article will focus on the administrative and social order established by Nader Shah in Afghanistan after the conquest.

Nader Shah, Afghanistan, Kandahar, Kabul

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