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An investigation on Graduate Research in Turkish Language and Literature Education
The aim of this study is to examine the trends, subject areas, methods, data collection tools, data analysis methods and sample characteristics of graduate studies conducted in the field of Turkish language and literature education in the last decade between 2009-2019. When the related literature is examined, no research has been found regarding the examination of postgraduate studies in the field of Turkish language and literature education. Therefore, it is thought that this study will lead to future graduate studies and will be the source of this study. The data of the study consists of 83 master's theses and 19 doctoral theses which are accessible in the HEC database. In this study conducted with survey, document analysis and content analysis were conducted and postgraduate theses were examined and research trends in Turkish language and literature education were described. It was seen that the postgraduate studies were mostly carried out with document analysis and survey, working with small sample groups, documents, questionnaires and scales were used more in order to collect data, and simple statistical tests were used in data analysis. The subject areas of Turkish language and literature education of the theses have been in the direction of examining literary works in terms of literature education and teaching, evaluation of curriculum, textbooks and values education. It has been concluded that other sub-research areas related to Turkish language and literature education are neglected.

Turkish language and literature education, graduate research education.

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