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A Unique Work of Art Located in Mus City Centre: Selim Pasha Tas Foundation Certificate-Charter
Tas foundation certificate-charter is located in the building of the Directorate of Culture in Mus city center. It is a stone foundation certificate-charter constructed at measurements of a rectangular with sizes of 1.24x0.95 m and comprised of 23 lines with spaces of 4cm. The foundation certificate-charter inscribed in Ottoman Turkish belongs to Selim Pasha, one of Mus governors, and dates from 1824. It is observed that it was inscribed in accordance with the spelling rules of a foundation certificate-charter. The scripts were inscribed onto the stone by means of the bas-relief technique. According to the information obtained, it is a foundation certificate-charter of a tekke situated next to the mosque and madrasah built by his father, Murat Pasha. All Mus-centred lands in Arınc and Norsin (Sungu) villages were consecrated. It is deduced from the obtained archive documents related to the foundation that as the consecrated villages were with country estate statutes, that is, state lands, it was impossible to consecrate them ecclesiastically and martially. The governors had already discerned this situation in time and terminated the foundation statutes of the villages in question. Another issue is the tough situation of Selim Pasha. When the stone foundation certificate-charter was inscribed, Selim Pasha was not so good with the central government, so it was probably for him to be discharged. This study aims at introducing Tas foundation certificate-charter which is subject to a scientific study for the first time and pointing out its significance in terms of art history.

Mus, Selim Pasha, Tas Foundation, Tekke and Mus governors

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