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Yazicioglu Mehmed Bahâeddin Tevfik (1845-1917) and his only Known Work “Ufak Mecmûʿa-i Şiʿr”
The traditional line of classical Ottoman poetry continued to manifest itself in the 19th century. Although the quality of literary works is open to debate, it is seen that poetry and literature resonate vividly in the Ottoman people. Yazıcıoğlu Mehmed Bahâeddin Tevfik, who lived in the Ottoman Empire in the second half of the 19th century and the first quarter of the 20th century, served as an impor-tant figure in the state. Like many statesmen whose works have survived, Bahâeddin Tevfik wrote poems to. Some but not all of his poems were compiled by his son and published in 1911. There are a total of 50 verses in the work. Most of them are ghazals. Apart from gazel, there are naat, mufred, stanza, şarkı and history verses. Three of the ghazals were partners with other poets. The four ga-zels, like Nedim, are the poems of some poets' poems. Bahâeddin Tevfik followed the classical style of Ottoman poetry in his poems. He wrote poems which were successful in terms of rhythm and rhythm. Bahâeddin Tevfik, who used the tradi-tional mazmuns of classical Ottoman poetry, mentioned the real places and peop-le of Istanbul in some places. In some of his poems, the influence of Nedim is visible. In this article, all of Bahâeddin Tevfik's work is published in Latin letters.

Bahâ, 19th century, Yazıcıoğlu, Nedîm.

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