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Beşbeşelik/Peş Peşelik (A Research On Beşbeşe Novel)
Beşbeşe which is a remarkable work in Turkish literature; is a novel written by Murathan Mungan, Faruk Ulay, Elif Safak, Celil Oker and Pinar Kur consecutively. Murathan Mungan who is the first author of Beşbeşe,shaped the work to be a detective and to continue the trauma of the protagonist Zehra as a result of her mother's death. Mungan also highlighted the hopscotch game in the novel and this game is shown in figures.In the part of Faruk Ulay who is second author of the book remarkable point is having too many details. The third author, Elif Şafak, mentioned about Sufism in her part and applied a rhyming spelling in some parts. In this section, cats also draw attention.In the part of Celil Oker ,the fourth author of the novel ,a novel mounted by Rıdvan and Zehra is given ,ın the fifth part as Pınar Kür is the last author ,novel came to a conclusion. However, the uncertainty still leads to the continuation of the mystery at the end of the novel. Besbese novel also draws attention to some shape-related elements. These elements are the purple color of the novel’s cover , the work is written on only one page of the folios and the folios’ being very thin. With these elements, the psychological trauma that Zehra, the main character of the novel, lives in is supported by formal considerations.

Beşbeşe, consecutive, hopscotch, crime, psychology

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