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Old Words Forgotten in Written Language in Lullabies Turkish
The Turkish language has spread to different geographies in parallel with the changes and developments in social life in the historical process and has undergone some changes in the new geographies in line with the needs of society and contacts with different cultures. These changes occurred both in grammatical elements and vocabulary. Some of the elements in the vocabulary of the language continue to exist by differentiating in terms of phonetic, morphology or meaning characteristics, while others have been completely out of the use of written language. However, even though these words go beyond the usage area of written language, they can survive in their old form and meaning in oral culture products. For this purpose, the “old words”, whose roots go back to ancient times, have fallen out of use in written language, but which continue to survive in lullabies, one of the oldest products of oral culture, are discussed. In this study, important works related to the species, especially Amil Çelebioğlu’s Treasure of Turkish Lullabies were searched and the old words which were dropped from the Turkish Dictionary of TDK were determined. As a result, in the lullabies, forgotten in the written language today, 20 verbs, 18 nouns, 3 adjectives, 5 adverbs were used as 46 words were identified. Among these are the words that directly meet the child, “bala and çağa”, related to the feeding and care of the baby, “taya”, toilet care related to the scourge, “höllük”, those related to the habit of sleeping the baby are the words “ırgalamak and üğrelemek”. It’s roots go back to the Old Turkish period (Gokturk, Uighur) “ağmak, bulak, eğin, gözgü, günü, höllük, ıramak, karımak, yarlıgamak, yozmak, yumak, yüğrük” cited words are Persian “kelep ve taya”.

Turkish, lullaby, old words.

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