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Notes On The Teaching Turkish Language Pronunciation to Foreigners
Teaching Turkish to foreigners is a disciplinanry and a systematic continuity that develops day by day. The development of language teaching policies specific to each teaching region will improve the way for more effective and well-equipped progress. The study covers only the teaching of pronunciation in this multidirectional system. The most obvious indicator of a student's command of the target language is the ability of speaking at the social environment. Teaching Turkish to foreigners should not be considered as a whole and each skill should be examined particularly. Just like any language, Turkish has phonemes that are not found in other languages. Failure to perform these phonemes correctly will result in a loss of self-confidence due to errors that the learner may make during speech. The main problem with incorrect pronunciation is that the word of a unit or a phoneme that is not correctly pronounced will increase the distance from the context and it is difficult for the native speaker or other speaker to understand speech. This makes reciprocal communication difficult. The fact that a non-native language vocal is in the target language causes the way for a different pronunciation in the speech to substitute the nearest vocal in the native language for the speaker. In this study, reflections of phonemes specific to Turkish in other languages and some technical information are provided for proper teaching.

Pronunciation, Teaching Turkish to Foreigners, Phoneme, Pronunciation Problems.

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