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Ali Şah Bahşi’s Copy of Makhzan Al-Asrar in Uyghur Letters
First Turkish nazire for Nizâmî’s Makhzan al-Asrar was written by poet Haydar Tilbe. Haydar Tilbe, who wrote a nazire for Makhzan al-Asrar with the same name and meter, was a Chagatai poet from the pre-classical period. Main subject of this study is the lost copy of Makhzan al-Asrar written by Haydar Tilbe in Chagatai (Turkic), which was transcribed with Uyghur letters by Ali Şah Bahşı. The study consists of an introduction and two main parts. The abovementioned main topic is discussed in the second part of the study. Before discussing the main topic, the study provides a general information about the Persian poet Nizami Ganjavi, his works and his masnavi Makhzan al-Asrar, and his influence on Turkish literature. As the first reflection of such an influence, Haydar Tilbe’s nazire Makhzan al-Asrar is examined in the first part of the study in terms of form, content, writer and the copies. The study introduces a copy written in Arabic letters which has never been mentioned in the publications on Makhzan al-Asrar before. Dedicated entirely to the copy by Ali Şah Bahşı, the second part provides a detailed description of the copy. Then, orthographic features of the copy are explained and its first part is transcribed with respect to the aforementioned writing points. The conclusion and evaluation parts present the findings and assessments made throughout the study. Also, photos of some pages from the copy are attached to the end of the study.

Makhzan al-Asrar, Haydar Tilbe, Ali Şah Bahşı, Uyghur alphabet

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