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A Analysis on The Ayla Kutlu's Story Titled “Makruh Women Cemetery”
Ayla Kutlu is one of the important people who review woman and woman's place in the society in being A Turkish novelist after 1970. The artist targets to reveal "Turkish people's adventure in terms of time, place and values" in a backboard's atmosphere that the date, place and sociological structures dissolve in the artist's own expression. The artist achieves to transform a woman into a "value" in a universal sense as she provides woman heroes with the mythic properties that she put those women in a social order in the different status such as a highbrow, semi-highbrow, provincial/ illiterate with a view point that she provided as going out of the formal date. Ayla Kutlu made herself accepted as being a novelist and storytelle says that she doesn’t spare specific time to write a story and the story occurs instinctively while writting a novel. The indications mostly related to the Anatolian people, women and children are seen on her stories that she fictionalizes by taking her inspiration from the lands where the artist was born. When “ Mekruh Kadınlar Mezarlığı” which gives the name of book that comprises the subject of this study and consists of seven stories is considered with the other stories in the book, it attracts attention that the woman creates a strong connection between herself and nature in her existence journey and she supports this connection with mythic consignments. Moreover, we can say that Ayla Kutlu who thinks the art’s first duty is to aggrandize the human, to enrich their inner world and to vary them services for the same purpose in her story in the name of “ Mekruh Kadınlar Mezarlığı”.

Ayla Kutlu, story, woman and mythology.

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