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“Extemporization” Concept and Poets Who Tell Extemporizing Poetry According to Collection of Biographies
Extemporisation poetry tradition is one of the rituals of folk poetry. This tradition, which was realized by the folk poets in mutual terms, is matured with the master-apprentice relationship in time. These kinds of poems, which the folk poets generally perform with music, are not widely used in classical Turkish literature. However, this does not mean that the poets of classical Turkish literature do not have the ability to extemporisation poems or say poems in this way. When the sources are examined, extemporisation poems written by classical Turkish literature poets in the face of an event are found. Unlike folk poets, classical poets often say that they are not mutually opposite to such an event. The content of the poems shaped according to these events is different. Although the majority of the extemporisation poems contain humor, there are poems about satire, praise and death. The most important biographical sources in classical Turkish literature are the poet biography books. In these books it was found that some poets had an interest in extemporisation poems. Especially, they wrote more extemporisation poems than Âşık Çelebi, Kınalızâde Hasan Çelebi and Gelibolulu Âlî other biographical books. They also wrote their own extemporisation poems in certain parts of their works. This situation is noteworthy in terms of the reputation of classical poets of Turkish poets. In this study, the concept of "extemporisation " is emphasized. Examples of these poems which are few in classical Turkish literature are taken from biographical sources and classified.

Extemporisation, Spontaneity, Poem, Collection of Biographies

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