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Career Steps of The Mudarrises in The Ottoman Ilmiye Institution (According to The Tariq Daybook of 1245/1829)
In the Ottoman Empire, the teaching task of the ilmiye organization was carried out by the professors (mudarris). The mudarrises, who were involved in the state organization since the foundation of the state, followed a specific system not seen in the previous Islamic states, during involving in the class of ilmiye as well as rising within this class. In this system, the appointments of the mudarrises were carried out by the Qadi-asker (Kadıasker) and the Shaykh al-islam (Şeyhülislam). The appointments made by the Şeyhülislam were divided into twelve classes and recorded in their notebooks. These notebooks, called tarîk, are important in that they include high level appointments to the ilmiye organization. This study examines the mudarris appointments of twelve classes assigned by the Şeyhülislam in the early 19th Century. According to the information obtained from the notebooks, it was understood that being a member of an ulama family in enrolling in the ilmiye organization and advancing to senior positions provided a great convenience; however, belonging to an ulama family did not have any effect for the period of service required to advance from one degree to another.

Mudarris, Ilmiye, Ulama, Tarîk Notebooks, Şeyhülislam (Shaykh al-islam)

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