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Folk Songs with a Story Compiled from the Minstrel from Bayburt, İmdat Sancar
Folklore is a science that compiles, classifies and examines the accumulation of a society’s material and spiritual cultures by scientific methods. Folk music is one of the cultural products that is examined by the folklore. The folk music studies addresses many concepts such as musical instruments, musical terms, musical genres, and folk songs. Folk songs are verbal and melodic expressions of all feelings of the society to which they belong such as pain, sorrow, joy, and longing. Officially the first folk song compilation activities in Turkey began in the early 20th century. This study will examine local folk songs compiled from İmdat Sancar who resides in Çayırköprü village and has many stories, folk stories and poems in his memory. One characteristic of these folk songs is that they have a story. In this work, the texts of folk songs and their stories are provided, the structural features of these folk songs were studied, folk songs with variations were identified and folk songs were transferred to musical notes. As a result, it was found that the folk songs identified have the function of carrying the oral history of the region, that the folk songs are predominantly lyrical, and the structural characteristics varied. The folk songs mostly used 6 + 5 = 11 syllabic measure and İmdat Sancar has an important place in the transfer of regional cultures.

minstrel, folk songs with a story, Bayburt, İmdat Sancar

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