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Civil War in Tajikistan
The eradication of the Russian Empire from history in 1917 has not changed the fate of the nations within the boundaries of this state much. In 1917, the Bolsheviks acquired ruling power continued invasion policy of the Russian Empire and united all the nations within the borders of the Empire under the new "empire" of United Soviet Socialist Republics. Tajikistan, as subject of our article, was one of the fifteen republics included in the USSR. The Tajiks, oppressed under the totalitarian regime of the Communist Party for more than 70 years, had regained their independence in 1991 with the disintegration of the USSR. But this independence brought Tajikistan a civil war. Regionalism in the Republican administration, economic problems, unemployment among the people, and foreign support for the Islamic forces in Tajikistan (especially by Iran and Afghanistan), the struggle of Russia to recapture this region were the main cause of civil war in Tajikistan. These reasons have been studied, and internal and external forces causing the civil war have been specifically investigated.

USSR, Regionalism, İslamic Forces, Civil War.

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