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The Reflections of Turkish Marriage Traditions and Beliefs on Manis
Verbal literature works include data about the history and culture of the community in which they grow. A number of matters about the traditions, beliefs, rituels, events and wars etc. that affect the society deeply are reflected on verbal literary works such as elegiacs, epics, manis and folk songs. At this point verbal literary works are not completely identical means of transferring society’s cultural and historical accumulation, but they do play an important role in determining the cultural and historical mapping of the society. We can see the traces of ideas, beliefs, traditions and practices about marriage which forms an important part of Turkish community lifes in manis which are the most common type of anonymous folk poems and also very rich in usage area in terms of plot. Together with the traditional processes of marriage like dowry, asking for the girl in marriage, betrothal, getting engaged, wiving; there are also other point of views which are related to marriage but do not form tradition such as consanguineous marriage, self devotion of women in marriage, abduction. All these, as regards marriage make manis encircling. In this work ideas, beliefs, traditions and practices on marriage which is the basis of ensuring the continuity of generation and keeps on existing in a certain frame of tradition, have been dwelled on

Mani, Marriage, Tradition, Ritual

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