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A Fashion of Clothing Culture in Ottoman: Algeria Cloth
In the history of Turkish clothing, Algerian cloth, in other words the dressing style called as Algerian Cutting, was inspired by the clothes of Algerian sailors towards late 18th century and used until the abolishment of the Guild of Janissaries (1826). Being inspired from stalwart Algerian sailors; this dressing style was being used not only among the sailors, but also came into fashion the youth from all sections on the Ottoman territories and especially in İstanbul. This dressing style that was common among the tough and frivolous youth of İstanbul became a movement of thought and a symbol of lifestyle in the Ottoman social structure beyond its meaning of a clothing form. This study systematically examines the characteristics of the Algerian Cloth (Algerian Cutting), which had left its mark on an era of the Ottoman social structure while being used by Algerian sailors, with the help of descriptions in written and visual sources and gives information about the effects of this dressing style on men’s clothes of that era and the society in terms of its type, form, and usage features and esthetical values.

Algerian Cloth, Turkish Clothes, Navigation,Ottoman, Algerianerian Cutting)

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