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Glocal Culture in the Second Language Setting on a Glocal, Cosmopolitan Campus
Culture is the heritage handed down from generation to generation from the time people of the world started to live in communities. The present outlook of culture is, in fact, the representation of a long historical process the world nations have experienced within their own states and through various interactions with other nations and cultures up till now. In today’s global world, local culture, national culture and cultural differences are approached as a whole making the global culture. Peoples of the world, today, are more familiar than ever with the aspects of other cultures thanks to the developments in a number of areas like international tourism, trade, education, and so on. The purpose of this qualitative study is to dwell on glocal culture witnessed in second language settings on a glocal, cosmopolitan higher education campus.

culture, globalization, glocalization, glocal culture, second language setting, cosmopolitan campus

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