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Intelligence Activities in the Axis of Russia's Enlargement Policy towards the Ottoman State in the Second Half of the 19th Century
The most successful country that Russia has used intelligence effectively in international relations is the Ottoman State. The biggest reason for this was that the Russian interests were largely in the Ottoman territories. The documents of the Ottoman Archives indicate that the activities of the intelligence unit in the activities carried out by Russia in the Ottoman geography. As understood from these documents, Russia has benefited from spontaneous acts of Muslims and non-Muslims of Ottoman subjects effectively. Russia made a religious nationalism with the right to open consulates in the places where the Orthodox subjects obtained with the Treaty of Küçük Kaynarca in 1774 and encouraged the Ottoman non-Muslim community to revolt, causing confusion and weakening of the state. Although the task forces of the Istanbul Russian Embassy, which had taken over the main administrative center of intelligence activities, seemed to be diminished by the establishment of these consulates, the new consulates opened the orders again from here and according to the reports they received; Spreading news on the Ottoman subjects, provoking them, collecting money, etc. They were carrying out espionage tasks. The reports were transmitted to Russia and the Ottoman-Russian wars were formed with the information obtained from these reports.

Ottoman State, Russia, The Spy, Espionage

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