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Turkey Turkish Forms of Onomatopoeic Reduplications in Divánu Lugát at-Turk in The Context of Conceptual Field
Reduplications that take their source from the sounds in nature are the vocabulary products that have many examples and frequently used in historical and contemporary Turkish written languages. Onomatopoeic reduplications generate some of the lexeme as well in Divanu Lugat at-Turk. In this article, the relevant reduplications have been identified and classified in terms of the sound sources they based on; the meanings of the examples, their usage in the text have been given. The uses that can be considered similar close, or identical in terms of sound sources or concepts they represent In Turkey Turkish standard language and dialects are shown. Accordingly, the onomatopoeic reduplications in Divanu Lugat at-Turk are grouped into 12 sub-sections. When these reduplications are taken into consideration in Turkey Turkish forms, it is seen that the examples in the dialects are more than that of the standard language. Reduplications based on the sources that such as objects crashing, rubbing, touching or hitting each other, flowing, pouring or spilling water; loud speech or shouting, have more samples in the standard language and dialects than the other groups. In the study, The Turkish Dictionary (TDK 2011) and the Compilation Dictionary (TDK 1993) were used as a source for determining the reduplications in Turkey Turkish standard language and dialects.

Divanu Lugat at-Turk, reduplication, onomatopoeia, Turkey Turkish, Turkey Turkish dialects

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