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Divan-ı Hikmet in Terms of Transferred Values
This study aims to examine the value content of Divan-ı Hikmet written by Hoca Ahmet Yesevî who is one of the great thinkers and leaders of Turkish World. Education leads the way for people and societies to development and modernization. It is undeniable that, besides universal values, those vales peculiar to societies should be adopted. Divan-ı Hikmet is a work of values, from an Islamic perspective consisting of teachings suggesting ideal human being in the individual-society-universe cycle. Because of its timeless nature, Divan-ı Hikmet is a work, which should be evaluated in current educational practices. In this regard, this study is conducted based on the necessity to examine the value content of such an extremely precious work. This study first presents some information about the personal life of Ahmet Yesevî. Then, Divan-ı Hikmet is analyzed according to its value content. A content analysis is conducted taking the wisdom into account. Examples of wisdom are provided according to the categories in the work. Ahmet Yesevî’s world of thought is tried to be displayed with reference to his work. Besides, Divan-ı Hikmet is tried to be evaluated in terms of Turkish. The conclusion section presents a general evaluation of the work and the findings are listed.

Hoca Ahmet Yesevi, Divan-i Hikmet, Islam, Human, Values Education

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