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The writers of the Tanzimat, who have been in search of a solution to the collapse of the Ottoman State in their literary texts, have turned to the history as a source of inspiration. In this way they have found an opportunity to emphasize easly the points that they have thought about the social and the politic subjects with the historical perspective and not being prevented by the censor of the state. The writers who discovered Andalusia after Ziya Pasha’s translation, have taken many lessons from the history of this high civilization and have given importance to the reasons of its collapse. Seydi Yahya of Şemseddin Sami was the first fictive text about Andalusia in Turkish Literature. Two of Abdülhak Hâmid's five theatral plays related to Andalusia have directly explained the collapse period of Andalusia. Muallim Naci and Sâmi Paşazâde Sezâi were also interested in this subjects with their literary texts. In this article it is explained the reasons of the collapse of Andalusia that Tanzimat authors have emphasized. These reasons may also be thought of the advices and warnings to the directors and the public in the Ottoman State. In these literary didactic texts, the purpose of giving lessons to certain targets is already very clear. As a method of this study, the fictional and literary works of the authors were reviewed and the findings about the subject were revealed. Marking some main points the reasons for the collapse are categorized and they are presented with a comparative method. These subtitles which Tanzimat authors have seen as reasons of the collapse are lack of capasity and responsibility of the directors, taking place controversy and disagreement instead of unity, immorality, inefficiency of heros, betrayers of their homeland, resignation misunderstood and oppression and cruelty of enemy.

Tanzimat literature, the history of Andalusia, Abdülhak Hâmid Tarhan, Muallim Naci, Şemseddin Sâmi,

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