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Risâletü’n-Nushiyye, written by Yunus Emre, is an important research material for linguistics besides its great literary value. In that literary work, there are about 440 Arabic and about 160 Persian words. On the other hand, Arabic and Persian noun phrases are very few in that work. Another important feature of the work is that there are also some Turkish words which can be admitted as archaic. If there are a lot of words with similar meanings in a language, that situation means the language is a rich and processed language. With this aim, the index part of this written work that was prepared by Erdoğan Boz, will be scanned and it will be tried to identify the pairs with similar meanings. The possibility- that the reasons why the poet preferred to use these pairs with similar meanings to be found out are the poet’s anxiety to be conform to prosody and rhyme morphologically, his wish to determine nuance difference in content will be discussed.

Yunus Emre, Risâletü’n-Nushiyye, pairs with similar meanings.

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