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The first examples of sense of postmodern novel were given in America in 1960s. This sense of novel, the effect of which had been increasing day by day in the world after the 2nd World War, appeared in Turkish Literature after the eighties. It differs from the sense of traditional novel in terms of its content, method and objective. Contrary to the traditional novel which has a single topic, style, perspective and deduction, postmodern novel has multi topic, style, perspective and deduction. The author of postmodern novel, accepts the novel as a fiction world and convert the act of writing novel merely to a play. In this play the fragmentation and uncertainty of event fiction, figures, place and time take the place of sense of completeness, clarity and concrete reality of traditional novel. Postmodernist novel which gives intertextual relations, multipilism, fantastic elements, historical realities and fiction one within the other, creates a fictional world with these. Being affected by this fictional sense of novel, most of the recent authors of Turkish Literature starts to produce postmodern works like their contemporary colleagues in the world literature. The 2BA Beden Beyin Akımı novel of Ahmet Bican Ercilasun who is an academician artisan, has been written with a postmodernist image, perspective and fiction method. 2BA Beden Beyin Akımı, has a plotline which become prominent with its fiction from the first to the last page and in which the reader finds him/herself in a fiction confusion. Throughout the novel there is not a plotline which can be followed. This is because of the fact that this kind of novel does not represent a cause effect relationship like the classical novels do. Hence, the most important element which keeps the readers’ wonder alive is the uncertain and recoverable fiction. In the novel, different fictions which are improved without breaking out from the main expression, pulls the reader into a different universe from time to time. The events does not take place in a ceratin time and place concept.The uncertainity of the fiction, time and place of the novel reflects to the end of the novel too. Demolishing the routine final of the orther postmodern novels, the novel, ends up with a shocking and open- ended final. Ercilasun, in 2BA Beden Beyin Akımı, brings the the real events of the real people in history and invented people and events together and fictionalise them. One of the other methods used in the novel is intertextuality.

Ahmet Bican Ercilasun, postmodernism, postmodern novel, 2BA Beden Beyin Akımı

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